Colors Battle


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About Colors Battle

Colors Battle is a logic puzzle game for one or two players. The goal of the game is to capture more than a half of the cells on the playing field. In single player mode, you compete with the computer on the difficulty of your choice, and in the multiplayer version, you have to fight with another player whose skill level is similar to yours. Skill levels are determined based on the player ratings, which are calculated based on the number of wins and losses.

Colors Battle rules

The playing field is a rectangular area divided into 600 cells of different colors. You have to capture more than a half of the cells of the playing field faster than your opponent. Each player starts with a starting square in his corner. With the each turn the players change the color of the captured area to a new one and all nearby cells of the same color will be also repainted. You can not choose the color which your opponent's area is painted on this turn.

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